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Crystal Lake 2022 Year End Report


Robert Patton (802) 274-7016

2572 Lakeview RD Barton VT 05822

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Summary of Work:

First Day of Work: July 4, 2022

Last Day of Work: July 19, 2022

Total Days Worked: 4.94 Days

Total Hours Worked: 39.5 Hours

Total Buckets Removed: 265 Buckets (1 Bucket = 18 Gallons / 25-75 lbs)

Locations of DASH Harvesting:

Outlet River

Here is a Map showing this location shown in Blue


Permittee(s): Crystal Lake Preservation Association Co-Permittee(s): Robert Patton Permit Number: 3754-ANC-H Control Activity: Powered Mechanical Device – Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting Control Location: 44.745986, -72.172973 Waterbody: Crystal Lake, Barton

Outlet River

This the only location of that requires DASH Harvesting in Crystal Lake and Eurasian Water Milfoil has been in this area a very long time (At least 12 years). Past containment and eradication efforts have consisted of hand pulling however, no cumulative progress was made against the EWM in the outlet. This is why we needed to use of the DASH technique, which has been successful its first year. 

265 Buckets of EWM were removed in a little under 5 days of work. This is an exceptionally large amount of invasive plant material to remove in a small and shallow area. The abundance of EWM in the outlet area will mean that we will have to utilize DASH there again next season. We will also need to spend some time closer to the beginning of the outlet where some EWM plants have started to grow, and eradication is needed to prevent any plants from this location from getting into the lake body itself. 

Our recommendation to the CLPA is to begin next season with a full very thorough survey of the entirety of Crystal Lake before returning to operations in of concern in the outlet. Historically, invasive plants that have been found are right along the underwater drop off straight out from the Vt Rte. 5 boat launch. These plants have been hand pulled and have not needed DASH procedures. With the lake surveycompleted, and it can be determined that no additional DASH action is required, we will move to the outlet area where we worked in 2022, and harvest whatever EWM we find there.

It is our belief that following this plan of action will possibly decrease the need for additional DASH action after 2023 to eradicate and or control EWM in the outlet area. However, since the targeted area is very shallow and has had such high density of EWM growth, it may take longer to control. 

Swampguana Diving L.L.C. thanks the Crystal Lake Preservation Association for choosing our company, and we look forward to continuing to work with the CLPA in its Aquatic Nuisance Control efforts in 2023.

Robert Patton

Swampguana Diving L.L.C.

[Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Aquatic Nuisance Control (ANC) Grant-in-Aid funds were used to develop the product.]


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